Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser and Harrison Rivers

Sturgeon are prehistoric river monsters. The mighty white Sturgeon can grow in excess of 6 meters and weigh in at a staggering 600 kgs. Sturgeon have survived two ice ages, dating back to the time of the dinosaurs, making a Sturgeon a catch you will likely never forget.

These mighty fish now sit at the top of the food chain in the Fraser system. Although the numbers are not what they once were, Sturgeon levels are bouncing back due to the efforts of guides and conservation societies such as the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society

The Fraser river offers one of the last truly wild populations of this Sturgeon in the world. Catching a giant Sturgeon is a special moment in any angling career. It’s hard to describe the moment when you finally manage to bring the fish to the surface after a heroic battle, sometimes lasting hours. 

Sturgeon are bottom feeders however this is not going to be an easy fight, far from it. Fish don’t survive two ice ages without grit and determination. These monsters know how to fight.

We fish the Fraser from the mouth at Steveston all the way to Hells Gate just below Lillooet. We also fish the Harrison, Pitt and Stave rivers at different times of the year. All of these rivers offer world class Sturgeon fishing and a chance to catch the fish of a life time, up to 14 foot long. 

BC Sportfishing Group is a major part of the huge conservation effort to protect this awesome species. We take our responsibility seriously and we truly believe in protecting this fish at all costs. 

Join Fred’s Fishing Adventures for the trip of a life time chasing world record Sturgeon on the Mighty Fraser.