Salmon Fishing in the Fraser Valley

Where in the world do you have the opportunity to fish five species of salmon on the same day? British Columbia, that’s where! There are some years (odd years) when Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Chum and Pink Salmon all travel up the Fraser River, past the Chilliwack area on their migration route back to the spawning grounds. Every year the town of Chilliwack hosts thousands of anglers who come to fish both the Vedder and the Fraser River

Spring Salmon (Chinook or King Salmon)

Our salmon season typically begins early in July when fishable numbers of Chinook (King) Salmon return to the Fraser River system. Chinook Salmon are the largest of the Pacific Salmon. They are known to reach weights of more than 60lbs, are very hard fighting and are great table fair as well. Chinook remain in the river in fishable numbers right through October.


Sockeye Salmon 

By mid July we start seeing the first Sockeye of the year showing in our local waters. Our first opportunity to fish Sockeye typically starts in early August and on high abundance years the fishery can last for a month or more. These hard fighting acrobatic fish offer good sport and are also considered to be the tastiest of the Pacific Salmon.


Pink Salmon

Every second year (odd years only) Pink Salmon return in the millions. They start migrating up the Fraser River late in August and by the first week of September the rivers are full of Pinks. These fish are so aggressive that you can see them chasing your lure before hitting it. Fly fishers love fishing for Pink Salmon. Their large numbers and aggressive nature keep the rods bent for most of September.


Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon begin entering the  Vedder and Fraser Rivers by mid September. Known as the silver bullet, these fish can be a true test to even the most advanced fisherman. On the Vedder River they are typically fished using a drift rod with a float and a piece of bait (usually roe). However, in the lower river and canal they are often fished using spinners or gibbs spoons or by fly fishing streamer and attractor patterns. On the Fraser and Harrison River, Coho are fished either by bar fishing (plunking) or again by using a variety of spinners, spoons or flies depending on the water clarity and flow. 


Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon are the last of the Pacific salmon that enter our local rivers. They begin showing up in late September and remain in fishable numbers until mid December. They can grow to over 20 lbs offering a great battle. Anglers usually fish float rods with marabou jigs, but they can also be fished successfully using spoons spinner and flies. They are often fished with double handed spey rods but can be targeted with single handed fly rods as well.


Fred’s Fishing Adventures offer walk and wade trips on the Vedder River, as well as fully guided day trips and week long fishing vacations fishing the Fraser River and Harrison system as well.