Freds Fishing Adventures

Freds offers guided trips throughout the Fraser valley, come and join one of our awesome guides and experience some of the best fishing on the planet!




Fraser valley fishing Package

British Columbia’s Fraser Valley offers so many sport fishing opportunities it is really hard to decide where to start. This package allows you to experience some of the more popular fisheries including fishing for White Sturgeon, Pacific Salmon, or Cutthroat trout.

Depending on time of year we can often fish all three over the course of your holiday. We fish both the Fraser River and Harrison River on most multi-day trips showing you not only some great fishing but also some incredible scenery as well.

Where the Fraser and Harrison River meet there is a very distinct divide where the clear water of the Harrison pushes into the mighty Fraser.  It truly not only a site to behold but also great spot for fishing both Salmon and White Sturgeon.

Packages can be booked from 2 nights and 1 day fishing right on up to 10 nights with 9 days of guided fishing.