Cutthroat Trout, Rainbows and Bull Trout Fishing in the Fraser Valley.

Cutthroat Trout are available in our local rivers twelve months of the year. They are a very scrappy fish who show an incredible ability to shake the hook. Although challenging to land, Cutthroat Trout are very aggressive feeders, allowing anglers a wide variety of choices when it comes to presentation and choice of equipment.

Harrison Lake has a great population of wild Cutthroat Trout, with some tipping the scale at over 5lbs (20-26 inches in length). These fish provide great sport as we use only light spinning, often fly rods with small spinners, spoons, or flies depending on current conditions and time of year.

Rainbow Trout are one of the most acrobatic fish around. They take powerful runs, love to leap and are always up to for a good battle. Rainbow Trout are plentiful in most lakes and streams in British Columbia. The average size of our Rainbow Trout is 12 to 20 inches, depending on the system fished. If you have never fished with a fly rod, don’t worry, our teaching guides will instruct you to ensure you have a good time. BC Sportfishing Group provides some unique opportunities for Rainbow Trout in our local area. However, the best fishing is located on our more remote systems such as the Pitt and Lillooet Rivers.

Dolly Varden, Bull Trout and Char  are probably the most aggressive, when it comes to taking a fly, lure, or bait! They are available in most of our freshwater rivers and lakes depending on time of year. The Lillooet River and Pitt River offer the best opportunities at catching some of these aggressive fish. The Lillooet River has prime time between September – April, while the Upper Pitt offers great fly fishing for sea run Bull Trout from June -August.